The future of delivery

By:Richard Carlson


Amazon claims that they will be unveiling a fleet of unmanned delivery drones soon. Amazon claims that when this is unveiled Amazon will be able to deliver packages in under 30 minutes in the safest delivery method possible. They said that they can guarantee the safety of people because of several things.The biggest safety feature that the drone will have is its sophisticated “sense and avoid” technology.

When Will This be Available?

Right now Amazon is perfecting the safety features of the drone and will release the drone when they can give enough support to the drones. Right now the drones are only permitted to fly in daylight hours with high visibility and low winds. At the moment they cannot operate in rain, snow, or icy conditions. When the company gets more data about the safety of the drones and how well they operate in these conditions they will expand the window of times that they will be able to use what they are going to call “Amazon Prime Air”.

New Developments

Amazon is experimenting with many different types of delivery drones to find the safest and most efficient model they can. They had previously been landing drones on doorsteps but they are most likely going to change that. The new plan for Amazon is to use parachutes to safely land packages on people’s doorsteps without having to stop. If they could use parachutes this would cut a lot of time off of each delivery because the drones would be able to get back to their warehouse and reload a lot quicker. This would also be better for the customer and business because they would not run the risk of getting hurt by the drone. Although the drones are already very safe this would make them even safer. This would also be a lot quieter than the drone landing on your doorstep.

Drone Use Right Now

Although amazon is not using its drone fleet at this moment there are some smaller businesses that are already cashing in on the inevitable drone delivery takeover. There are several pizza shops that have already started to use drones to deliver their pizza to people ordering from the surrounding towns. There are also delivery drones that are being used at music festivals. How could a drone be used at a music festival full of party goers? The drones used at these music festivals are delivering beers to people in the crowd. Someone realized that a lot of the people at these festivals want to buy beer but it is such a hassle to walk to get one because of the amount of people it is tough to make it through the crowd to get to a beer tent.