Coach and the Team Unite

By: Thiago Gloria

The struggles of being a manager of a team comes directly from when the job is taken. Many managers find themselves thriving for a short time and suddenly they are out of the job, just like that. There are many examples of managers who were inexplicably fired from their job, even with success. Vincent del Bosque a former player and coach for arguably one of the greatest clubs in the world was a victim to said firings in 2003 according to The Sportster 2015 (Links to an external site.). He is a perfect example of this having won so many titles both within his league and also in outside competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, a prestigious title within itself.

Many other managers have faced a successful season or improved season compared to the last managers and still found themselves jobless after the season concluded. It is hard to say the motivation behind all of these strange firings, but surely the most obvious reason is the club owner’s desire to win. Performance wise, it is hard to justify the firing in the list given by The Sportsters, yet they show that no one is safe, or guaranteed a career.

Surviving the Cut

With everything that is occurring in the exciting Premier League 2016-2017 season, it is hard to ignore the top club Arsenal’s recent performances. In their past two months of competition they have failed to win major games, both in league and in outside competitions, their recent record shows that their form has been poor, as seen on SkySports. With all that being said, where does this leave Wenger?

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal Coach and club manager has been recently struggling to maintain the team up to par with the required standards for the league and club. This has left fans disappointed and of course club staff are also on edge. Wenger’s future is unclear as he has not released and information as to what he will be doing once his contract expires as the end of the 2016-2017 premier league season with the club. He has been loyal throughout the past 20 years at the club. The fans have sent a message showing their disappointment in the previous match up against another league team (West Ham United). The seats were boycotted and empty for 13 minutes by fans signifying the 13 years without a title. The statement the fans are making is simple and has been displayed everywhere, “Wenger Out” (Daily Mail ). Not all fans feel this way, and love Wenger, but his future is yet to be decided and the clubs future lies in his hands.