By: Michael Prochilo

Colleges, Universities and museums are now becoming more and more interested in the local Native American History in the New England area. Institutions like the Pequot Museum (Links to an external site.) have open the door for more and more access to archaeology sites along with providing a new outlook on a forgotten people. The Pequot’s best known for their casino, Foxwoods, also have an extensive archives and history available to the public.

The Nipmuck tribe of Central Mass also have seasonal programs like the one in Grafton at the Nipmuc Museum (Links to an external site.). Greater knowledge of such a unique and local history before the shot fired on Lexington Green and the Battle of Bunker Hill overshadows our early New England roots.

Massachusetts has many places where students in the field of history can learn, explore and excel at becoming insightful historians. One place in particular is a mush visit, the Deerfield Historic Village (Links to an external site.). There are artifacts from as early as the 1600’s when the town was raided and has been raided multiple time during the 17th and 18th century. The Village allows people to visit homes that have been in existence for a few hundred years.

The Massachusetts state archives next to UMASS Boston has archives and historic material available to any aspiring historian to visit. Programs are always available as are historians, librarians and archivists. The building at the, Massachusetts State Archives (Links to an external site.), is incredible with how much information that is available through the archives online and it’s even more impressive visiting in person.

The perspective of learning and about early New England history isn’t for everyone. I know people can find it dry and boring, I have even fallen asleep in a class not too long ago. I may have thought that I knew all the stories, places and people but the more that I’ve read, the more I’ve learned. My visit to the Mass State Archives is one of the places that has opened a new direction in this type of history. The archives there also have something new and interesting going on and information is key when trying to learn more and more about a time period where reliable records are scarce.