NFL protects players from Head to Head hits

By: John McGoldrick


Current day football is protective of concussions.  They modify the helmets to prevent concussions during the games. The helmets are being tested by scientists trying to prevent concussion in football.  All sports have a concussion protocol that you must follow if someone gets hit in the head and does not get up right away.   The NFL concussion protocol states that “1. When a potential concussion is identified the player shall be removed immediately from the field. 2. The NFL team physician and the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant (UNC) will: A.  Review the video of the play. B. Perform a focus neurological examination. 3. Madden Rule: If there is suspicion of a concussion, the player will be escorted to the locker room for a full assessment. 4. If the player is diagnosed with a concussion, there is no same-day return to play. 5. If the player passes the exam, he will be monitored for symptoms throughout the game.” This shows how careful the NFL is when it comes to protecting the players when it comes to head injuries.  All levels of football follow a concussion protocol.


The job of an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant is to assist the team’s medical staff with diagnosing a concussion or not.  You must be unbiased opinions when doing this job.  This job also did not exist a couple of years ago.  On the field, you should look at how the athletes are acting and symptoms like if the athlete is acting disoriented or sluggish or just not themselves.  Off the field doing the assessments you must look for “abnormal eye movements, imbalance, trouble with memory, concentration, and processing speed.”  This job is basically an extra pair of eyes to protect the players from getting a worse injury from a head injury.  This job is important to protect these players from getting a concussion and continuing to play.

Zero1 Helmet

With this new helmet called the Zero1 it is different from the regular helmets.  “Unlike traditional helmets, the Zero1 has a soft outer shell that deforms on impact and a column-like inner structure intended to absorb impact and disperse its force omnidirectionally. There is also an additional rigid layer inside the helmet.”  This shows that maybe instead of the regular hard outside helmets we need to use the Zero1 helmet to prevent concussions in football.  This helmet is like a car bumper.  Concussions are ruining player’s careers and, lives have been taken because of concussion.  If someone can figure out a way to end concussions that will save football in the end.